The Wildebeest Maasai Mara Wildebeest Migration and concentration of wildlife all juxtaposed in
outstanding scenery.Enjoy the scenic sunset while sipping exotic sun downer drinks
followed by a romantic candle lit dinner and overnight
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For your prime game viewing ,Breathtaking views,lush forested mountains, exotic wildlife, the stunning savannah of the Masai Mara and the flora and fauna or the sandy white beaches of East Africa.

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A shared unforgettable experience, consider joining a group safari and witness the wonders of Africa and beyond. The beauty of a group safari lies in the collective excitement and knowledge shared among travelers.
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Africa is a continent of incredible diversity, from its stunning landscapes to its rich and complex cultures. Let us take you on a safari through some remarkable destinations.
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A business-oriented safari, a serene beach escape, weekend respite, an adventurous expedition, an eco-conscious tour, or a spiritual journey.


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Whatever your tastes and interests, be it the cities, the wilderness, the flora and fauna or the sandy white beaches of East Africa, Seven Wonders Safaris will find the perfect holiday or business travel package for you in either the popular or lesser-known locations in the region. We offer adventure and activity, peace and serenity, beach and country, cultural and sporting safaris, and all this at many different types of accommodation at pocket friendly prices.

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